Daylight boardwalk 1


Come visit Van der Donck Park—our new daylighted river park—in downtown Yonkers! What is “daylighting,” you ask? It’s when a river comes back to the “light of day” after being buried underground! Come. Join Us. The City built it—with many supporting partners. Now you need to COME & ENJOY!

In 2010, the City of Yonkers broke ground on a revolutionary project—bringing the buried Saw Mill River into the daylight at Larkin Plaza.  Instead of a parking lot, we now have a beautiful living river flowing through Van der Donck Park right in downtown.  And, it’s a unique environmental triumph—designed to assure that it continues to be the “Home of the American Eel” for many more thousands of years!

Who is “Van der Donck?”

Adriaen Van der Donck was quite amazing! He was the “new world’s” first lawyer. And, he was labeled “young gentleman” or “jonkheer” in Dutch which became the name of Yonkers! Enchanted by his new homeland of New Netherland, Van der Donck made detailed accounts of the land, vegetation, animals, waterways, topography, and climate. Van der Donck used this knowledge to actively promote immigration to the colony, publishing several tracts, including his influential Description of New Netherland. (Learn more)