What’s “in store” for the downtown area? Those projects covered here are both City-sponsored daylighting plans, and also development plans around the Saw Mill River in Yonkers and along the Hudson River waterfront.

Mill Street: This is the 2nd daylighting site that is being planned by the City. It includes the Mill Street area that would connect to the existing daylighting park—Van der Donck. As of 2013, the City has contracted to do the landscaping plans and engineering plans. Anticipated start will be late 2013.

River Park Center—“Chicken Island”: This is the 3rd daylighting site that was approved by the City Council.  It has been delayed by the downturn in the economy. The City has purchased several parcels (2013) to assist this project.

Rising Development Location: bounded by Nepperhan Avenue and Warburton—right on the South edge of the new Van Der Donck park. This is a private development.

For more information on development plans in the downtown area, please contact the City of Yonkers Bureau of Planning, (914) 377-6557