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“Lost Rivers” documentary features Saw Mill River Daylighting

Lost Rivers, a documentary film from Catbird Productions, showcases the Yonkers daylighting project at Van Der Donck Park.

Check out Radio Canada’s website for content from the film, including this mesmerizing video of the 18-month-long Saw Mill River restoration condensed into three and a half minutes.

Here is the official trailer, featuring Ann-Marie Mitroff, Groundwork’s River Program Director:

About the Film:

“Once flowing through nearly every developed city in the world, rivers provided the infrastructure upon which modern metropolises were built. In this adventurous and revelatory look into the disappearance and recent resurfacing of these historic waterways, Lost Rivers leads us down the drain into vast underground museums of urban development.

Guiding us through the hidden river networks of London, Brescia (Italy), Montreal and Toronto, intrepid groups of subterranean explorers known as “drainers” reveal the buried waterways that house the secrets of each city’s past. Exploring recent initiatives to resurface and revitalize these forgotten waterways in Yonkers and Seoul, the fascinating Lost Rivers brings to life an aspect of urban ecology that has long been kept secret.”