Event Partners

We are City partners who post and conduct events in the park and vicinity. The daylighting park—Van der Donck Park, is a city-owned park. City Contact: Mary Ann Halevy, (914) 377-6310.

Center for the Urban River at Beczak: A Sarah Lawrence College environmental education program located on the Yonkers waterfront on Alexander Street, providing educational classes during the week and weekend programming. Contact: Vicky Garufi, (914) 377-1900, .

Blue Door Gallery: An arts non-profit organization organization promoting public art in the downtown and facilitating public art education activities. Contact: (914) 375-5100,

City of Yonkers Riverfront Public Library: A community-based public library coordinating a multitude of activities for youth, individuals, and families. Contact: Susan Thaler, Riverfront Branch Manager, (914) 377-7941,

Groundwork Hudson Valley: An environmental/community-building non-profit organization partnering with the City on community greening, environmental projects, and Saw Mill River education and restoration. Partner in habitat restoration and programming in the new park. Contact: Ann-Marie Mitroff, River Program Director, (914) 375-2151. .

Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site: A state historical site with programming related to state and Yonkers history.  Contact: (914) 965-4027

Yonkers Downtown/Waterfront Business Improvement District (YonkersDowntown BID): A non-profit business support organization promoting events and businesses in downtown Yonkers.  Contact: Jessica Ardrey, (914) 969-6660,