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Wildlife in the Park

Recently, a family of mallard ducks was seen at the park. Male mallards are easily spotted by their green colored head while females are a speckled brown. Make Way for Ducklings is a book published in 1941 and a well know children’s picture book about a family of mallard ducks that decide to nest in middle of Boston Public Garden. Mallard Ducks

People also spotted a night heron and a beaver. Night herons have brown or grey plumage and most have a black crown. They are called night herons because they feed predominantly at night. Beavers are best known for building dams in rivers and streams. They are primarily nocturnal, most active at night, and semi-aquatic. In North America, going back to the Native Americans and as recently as the 1970s, beavers have been trapped for their pelts which were made into various clothing items.

heron  beaver